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TM Group Management

Our management team represent every core value we as a company have. Therefore, we give you the chance to virtually meet them here on this page, so you get a clear and wholesome understanding of who TM Group is.

Brian Hansen - Group CEO TM Group
Brian Hansen

Group Chief Executive Officer

Brian is the Group Chief Executive Officer at TM Group, and has been so since 2008.

Since Brian joined the company, TM Group has expanded its markets,  products and customers. We now cover all the Nordic countries with offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland and our HQ in Denmark, as well as in Israel and partnerships in US and the far east –  And we will continue to cover more and more ground, as we would like to grow together with our customers and business partners.

Prior to Brian joining TM Group, he came from a long period within the financial and banking sector, where he gained vast experience in compliance, fintech and trading floors.

Brian’s favorite TM Group core value is “customer centric”, because he truly believes that our customers are a vital part of any country and community backbone. He also believes that being customer centric to the very core, is the key to the success TM Group has had so far, and will continue to have.

Carsten Kruse Nielsen - CCO TM Group
Carsten Kruse Nielsen

Chief Commercial Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Carsten is the Group Chief Commercial Officer at TM Group. Carsten is business and result oriented and has a versatile and extensive experience within Data and Telco Enterprises. More than 15 years of significant experience Carsten has listened to and worked with Customers across several verticals including Banking, with the overall focus to understand the business, gain value for the organization around him and the Customers and their customers. Through reliable relations, partnerships developed, sales created and value performed he joined TM Group as the CCO in 2007.

Carsten leads the commercial division within TM Group, which handles the finance, legal, project P&L, sales and commercials. He jointly with the teams lays down the perspective for TM Group’s sales and marketing professionals to follow, he makes sure everyone is aligned and aims for the same goal and perspective.

Carsten’s favorite TM Group core value is “Focus on Value”. We live and operate in an ever-changing world with an even higher degree of digitalization, where every single element of your business can be challenged and be a competitive differentiator. Carsten is a true believer in that the value we bring needs to be visible to and experienced by the customer. This is the future for both TM Group, and our customers and partners.

Frank Søndergaard - COO TM Group
Frank Søndergaard

Chief Operating Officer

Frank is the Chief Operating Officer at TM Group. He was promoted to the COO position in 2011 after a successful two-year period as Head of DVS.

On a day to day basis Frank takes care of the operational side of the business. He makes sure we have the right staff, we follow guidelines, shoot for the stars and hit, and much more.

Before Frank joined TM Group, he was the System Manager at IBM for four years, and before that he was the System Manager at Danske Bank for four years as well.

Frank’s favorite TM Group core value is “agility”. Frank believes in the value of being able to move forward no matter what obstacle comes your way, and you do that via agility.

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